Security & Entry


We have early entry tickets on sale offering you a discount if you arrive before 1pm-2pm, we advise arriving before 3pm to avoid the peak 3pm-4pm entry period.

On entry to Hainault Forest Country Park Festival site there will be metal detecting arches to walk through followed by a strict search with hand held metal detecting devices, please be prepared for a thorough search for your own safety.

Bags bigger than an A4 piece of paper are not permitted and will not be allowed into the venue.

No Glass in any form can be brought into the venue which includes perfume bottles.

No liquids can be brought in apart from plastic bottles of 50 ml or less of sun screen and perfumes, these must be tested on yourself on entry.

No aerosol deodorants, roll on deodorants are ok.

Complimentary sprays of perfumes, sun screen & deodorant will be available at the merchandise stand as this is not in place to make money but simply for security and to speed up entry checks.

Drugs policy: There is a strict no drugs or NOS (Nitrous Oxide) policy, anyone caught with any amount, no matter how small, will not be allowed to enter the event.